It’s my chocolate, and I don’t share well ;)


Seeking my sanity… one chocolate at a time.

Never was a truer statement written. But… how does one find your sanity, when it is constantly being stolen by a stressed out husband, and 5 and a half young people? With chocolate – whenever possible.

Chocolate helps. It really does.  Your Step-son is suffering from Idon’twanttoleavehome-itis and has turned almost troll like overnight – well a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs fixes that woe – along with complaining to friends, ignoring the person in question and unfortunately bitching at the already stressed out husband. Fun times.  Your four young people are doing their best imitiations of loud, screaming me-me’s, and your brain feels ready to explode – well that’s a judicious amount of Magic 1-2-3 and of course more chocolate.

Life is even more interesting because shortly #1 son (step-son) is leaving for Army bootcamp training (*sniffles*) and the latest and last family member is all set to arrive in 11 weeks – she’ll be here in 11 weeks… she’ll be two days old. I digress. Plus there is my mother arriving to help for two months – which is honestly going to be awesome! I get to spend mother’s day and my birthday with her for the first time in over a decade, getting the house organised for her and our new arrival, getting all the junk that’s stored in my room out and finally the Christmas junk out… not to mention driving to Ft Benning, GA to see #1 Son graduate from bootcamp.  Sounds like I’ll need access to an entire chocolate factory in the next three months. Oh, and getting ready for a brand new baby too…

So come along for the ride. I am sure there will be fun times to be had.


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