I should have eaten more chocolate….


I was so excited this morning… I was going to our local 3D/4D ultrasound place to get some chubby baby pictures of our latest edition. I wasn’t too worried because she’d been super active all morning. I figured she’d just keep that up… Nooo… she went into a quiet phase as soon as I walked into the office!! We got to see couple of shots of some very well formed, and already chubby fingers, see some feets and then we had to stop in order for me to chug down a bottle of icy water to see if we could get her to move away from the placenta. She was using it like a pillow. I laughed and said that this was one case where I should have been nomming all the chocolate I could get my hands on – she seems to like it – a lot, if her movements after I eat some are anything to go by. But eventually we got to see her face… already chubby cheeked, practising her sucking reflex on her wrist and thumb. I fell in love all over again.

Chubby cheeks... I can't wait to nom on them 🙂

Om nom nom nom! Tasty thumb is tasty! Yes... practise that sucking reflex!


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