I just can’t help it….


Lots of people have addictions. Usually it’s food, drugs, alcohol or even excersize… I actually wish to have the last one. Anyways, my current two addicitions are large swaddling blankets and purchasing momma made products – mostly laundry detergent. I haunt FB waiting for my favourite maker to announce a sale or an instock – to order from her, you’ll be waiting at least three weeks for your items because she is hellaciously busy and pregnant too. I gave in two weeks ago and ordered two large packs that will be good for when Gabrielle gets here – but today, today she had instocks of a scent that smells like the Burt’s Bee’s Baby Bee and I couldn’t help myself. I ran to her website and got the very last instock large bag.

One would think I would stop there… but no. I want to stock up before she goes on her babymoon shortly. I believe she is due a month or so before me and as I only have 9 weeks left – well, time is running out so to speak.

I need to get some more containers for this stuff – and hope that my hubby won’t go rumaging around in the bottom drawer of my washing machine and see all the different powders. And no…. no I don’t randomly sniff them either. Well… okay I do, but it’s so nice to smell laundry soap that won’t cause skin irritation and doesn’t smell like Tide or Gain… both of which make me feel physically ill right now.

So there… I can justify it. I require a nice smelling laundry soap to continue washing the clothes of all these minions. That’s my story and it’s what I am going to stick too!

Oh… and if you want to check her out too: http://www.purecleanb.com 🙂


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  1. Congrats on the blog and the pending arrival! As Long as you don’t eat the laundry powder I think you’re ok lol I recently wrote about a woman who actually ate it!

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