Friday Food Fight – Cream Scones with Raspberry Jam and Cream


Scones are a thing from my childhood. My parents made them. My grandmother made them, everywhere I went there were scones – well… there were of course some exceptions. They ranged in height – I remember going to a restaurant on Bruny Island, Tasmania and those scones were over three inches tall!

Anyways, I am finding that as I progress with this pregnancy, I am craving foods I have labelled as “comfort” foods from my childhood. This week it has been scones and sausage rolls. I’ve made both this week. I didn’t photograph the sausage rolls, because I wasn’t happy with the taste and flavour – everyone else seemed to like them, so I guess they were okay. I also had to try three different scone recipe until I found one that worked for me… surprisingly, my Mum’s recipe… which did nothing but sink and turn into rocks – I didn’t know scones could do that! Another, where in my opinion, they made it way too complicated and well… my pregnant brain got bored with all the finicky requirements, I took short cuts and yeah well… I’ll let you imagine what happened there. I finally found one, that was short and tasty, mixed up quick and was a hit with the discerning palate of my 2 year old. So win-win!

So, as Hannah would say when she does something she’s proud of… Ta Da!!

Scones with raspberry jam and cream


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