I’ve lost my mind and I’m not sure I want to find it


The more pregnant I get, the worse I sleep. The less I sleep, the more grumpy, hormonal and down right bitchy I get. So… When I finally get into a comfortable position and I can sleep, I don’t react well to being woken up.  Especially if it’s before 6am. I don’t want to be awake before 6am even when I am not pregnant. What I especially hate is being woken up by one child requesting junk food – No Samantha, you may not eat Spicy Nacho Doritos for breakfast. And the middle two, screaming over who gets to use the Spongebob bathroom first… and the starts the fighting over what kind of cereal they want… and then the complaints because now there is little or no milk… never mind it’s because Naomi had three huge glasses of milk yesterday – which she snuck by the way, and hid in her room to drink. It’s actually amusing that she thought she wouldn’t be found… no giggling, hiding in the corner of the closet and then running out to get paper towel to fix a spill is not going to get you noticed. Ha!

So cut back to this morning… I am woken up before the sun by junk food wanting, fighting, whining small people… Hubby stays in bed, I get up, and do the evil mother thing and send them back to bed.  I clean up the mess that has been made in the Spongebob bathroom, and get a bit of wake up time. Eventually I am awake enough to deal with a little more noise and babbling. Hannah is up and is now talking more and babbling less. She requests apple pieces… over and over and over. I give her some to stop the start of the whining… she puts them in the dog water bowl. Really? I mean really?

The biggies are now out of the bedroom and watching TV and munching on their breakfast. Only now the world has come to an end, because since I sent them to their room, their cereal has soaked up the milk. I am fortunate that they don’t mind soggy cereal, but they all want more milk – I had just enough for Sean’s coffee left. Meltdown. *sigh* Leia, is very distraught also, because she didn’t get a bowl with a straw in it. *sigh* Sean goes to hug her and flomp… over goes the cereal and milk… all over the coffee table and carpet. My little trouble doll. So Sean made her scrambled eggs with cheese.

Hannah decides she wants cheese – Sean gives it to her… she folds it up into little pieces and then… yep… puts it in the dog water bowl. *sigh*

Now, I am making lunch for Samantha to take to school. Nutella sandwich for the win, the aforementioned bag of Doritos, raisins and apples. I even cut her sandwich into the shape of a gingerbread man, because I am just that cool. Then I utter those fateful words.  “Samantha please go and get the hair brush and spray.”  Simple. To the point. Easy to understand. Yes? Well I thought so. Samantha spends five second wandering aimlessly and then announces she can’t find one. Keep in mind I am now fending off Leia and Naomi who find it impossible to go and get their own clothes out of their drawers and Hannah who is telling me she wants more iced tea – Thanks Daddy on that one. Oh and during this time… Sean leaves to go do his morning thing in the bathroom. Nuff said there – his routine takes 30 minutes. I look for two seconds and see the spray and hairbrush on the top of the fish tank.

At this point, I seriously think my brain went  “See ya!” It’s not even 7.30am and my brain has deserted me, my sanity is gone and I am now strangely calm.  I calmly deal with Sam and her hair… what that child does to cause such natted dreadlocks,  I dunno. I calmly make Sean’s coffee. I calmly ignore Hannah’s whining over my evilness not to give her more iced tea, get the other girls organised and even manage to get myself decently dressed. Then I even calmly take Sam announcing that she’s actually having a party at school because they won a competition. Okay… I spent time on making lunch for no reason today… I’m actually fine with that. Hannah, I am sure, will love putting the sandwich into the dog water bowl later 😉

So… I’ve lost my mind today, and I’m not so sure bad that’s a bad thing 😛


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