Silent Sunday – Gopher Tortoise



Silent Sunday


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  1. Visiting here from the first time from Silent Sunday and I am so glad I did. Nice to meet you!

    What a cool shot! I’m guessing you live somewhere in the southern U.S. because we have gopher tortoises all over here in FL.

    I see that you’re expecting baby #6. Have you had the baby yet? Wishing you all the best. 🙂

    BTW…I see Gone Bananas is listed in your blogroll. She’s my SIL. Small world! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment 🙂 I sure do live in Southern U.S – infact I live about 5 minutes from Gone Bananas 🙂 She and another friend were awesome to organise my first ever baby shower yesterday 🙂

      I am expecting baby #5 – my fifth girl 🙂 My son is a step-son, but I claim him 🙂 Baby #5 will be here in mid-may. I can’t wait to see her! Thank you for the well wishes!

      This is the gopher tortoise that lives up the road from us… I really got lucky with the shot, he usually runs away.

  2. Aw love him! I wonder how old he is. We had a tortoise when I was a little girl. His name was Boris and he was about a 10th of the size that guy is. So cool x

    • I am guessing OOOOOLLLLDDDD. Lol. We caught one – well we saved him from being squished in the middle of a road, when we first got to Florida. The expert we met at the park where we released him said he was about 35, and he was maybe a 1/4 of the size of this guy. It’s impressive that he’s lasted so long!

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