I think the stem cells got lost…


My husband, in all his nursing education, informed me last week, that during pregnancy, the mother also benefits (according to a scientific study that I will find and cite) from additional stem cells – that improve her memory – so in essense, apparently pregnancy brain is a misnomer.

Well… I beg to differ.

I am one of the most forgetful person I know. No kidding. I have to use three different calenders. I will be in the middle of doing something… like cooking dinner… realise I need something from the pantry.  So I go wandering out the pantry and then stand there and wonder why the hell I was out there in the first place. This then forces me to go back to where I started and then meander around randomly looking at things, desperately hoping that something will remind me.

I’ll be in the middle of a conversation and I’ll forget the point I was trying to make.

I’ll be in the car and I’ll forget where I am going – despite the fact that the child who was supposed to be dropped off at school is sitting next to me. I frequently hear a little voice from the back seat saying “Mummy! You forgot to take Leia to school!” “Yeah! Mummy, you forgot my school!” *facepalm*

Why do I find it impossible to remember that I really need dish soap?

Where are these stem cells that I am supposed to get? Maybe they are just as forgetful as I am, and got lost, despite a clearly marked path to my brain.

Oh well… at least I remembered it was my turn to make dinner tonight or the kids would be eating boxed macaroni and cheese again. Not that they’d complain.

Hopefully I remember to look for that work to cite… It’d be interesting at least. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the article relating to this, BUT a friend did point out this article – which says that they proved the pregnancy brain does in fact exist. Yay! 😉

Here’s the link: Pregnancy adversely affects ability to recall previously seen spatial locations


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