I finally found the nerve to cut it…


I had my first ever baby shower this past Saturday. I had a fantastic time and was completely delighted with the awesome company and gifts that Gabrielle and I recieved – including the baby swing I had been coverting! I was/am thrilled and feel very very lucky.

Anyways, one of the highlights was the cake. Kirsten over at Gone Bananas had her friend make it and it was super impressive!!

My baby shower cake - words say "Welcome Gabrielle Elizabeth Marie".

But when the time came to cut the cake… we all quailed. It seemed… well wrong to cut into the pregnant tummy. Some suggested giving the poor body a c-section like I am getting. In the end we all decided to seperate the body from the base and just cut into that…. We did get Kirsten to check under the skirt to try and figure out whether the main part was cake or rice crispie treats. She delicately declared it was cake. šŸ˜‰

We were all too superstitious to cut into the pregnant body!

The base was a lovely vanilla cake with jam and frosting in the middle. I’ve sat/stood and looked at the main part of the cake for three days… Listened to my girls ask desperately for more cake – it horrified them that they would not be getting any. I was just superstitous. I mean… what would happen if I did cut into it? Silly, yes!

But tonight, I was bored. I wanted something sweet that I didn’t have to bake or make. There was the cake sitting there. It didn’t survive. My son chose the right breast (men!) and discovered in the process that they were made out of rice crispie treats šŸ™‚ I had some “waist” and stomach, and discovered that Kirsten was correct… it was chocolate cake in fact.

But.... I finally gave into temptation... and also answered a question we'd all had at the party... cake or rice crispies? Both!

So the belly has now been broached so to speak, and oh boy did it taste good!


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