Monday’s Music Moves Me – Last Mango In Paris – Jimmy Buffett


I LOVE this song. I first heard it when my husband and I were driving out of Key West in 2003, but I was the one who figured out that it was about Papa Hemmingway! It makes me stop and sing every time I hear it – appologies on the video – I did try to find one where the lyrics weren’t red or cause a headache just trying to read them!

I had planned to choose a different song – one that is just stuck in my head – I’ve literally made it my caller tune and actual ringer tone – and after the great hard disk drive failure of 2011, it was the first song I downloaded on itunes, but I have to play by the rules yes? 🙂 Maybe next time!



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    • I know!!! I’ll take the sandles and for the next little while a virgin margarita… at least until the baby gets here. It’s spring… time to party! You will see us next week too 🙂 Thanks for coming by!

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