Friday Food Fight – Herb Encrusted Salmon with a Pomegranate dressed Salad


Herb encrusted salmon on a butter lettuce and spinach salad with a pomegranate dressing, shrimp, tangerine segments and pineapple, with a side of broiled brocolli with melted provolone cheese and sesame seeds

Close up... but really just showing off my extra cute sushi set... This one is my favourite!

Food is an important thing.  I understand and acknowledge that. I also acknowledge my basic disinterest in it in a general day. A lot of time it’s just another chore to do and eat.  Yes, I understand that I am pregnant, so it’s important to get as many good things in as possible – especially since I had a gastric bypass, its even harder and yes, a constant worry that I am getting enough protein and calories to sustain myself AND Gabby.

With that statement made, I have a few favourite things to eat, however, I can’t make them. In fact there is only one person who has the ability to make the food I like. Now, after a week of riding an emotional rollercoaster – the extra scary kind, last night amends were made with dinner.

To my great delight, Sean created a herb encrusted salmon on a bed of butter lettuce and spinach salad, which was tossed with a light pomegranate dressing, with some shrimp, manderin segments and pineapple peices. On the side was some lightly broiled brocolli topped with provolone cheese. It was light, flavourful and exactly what my tummy loved. And the bonus was… no horrible feeling afterwards! Yay!

No real recipe to add, because my husband made it up as he went along!



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  1. I ate so much Salmon when I was pregnant that now I have a hard time eating it! Lol Meg is now 8 and I’m just getting to where I’m considering adding it to my diet again! Lol This looks great!

    • Lol. Sean asked me last night when I would consider adding cooked tomato back into my diet, he wants to test a marinara recipe out, but can’t because even the idea of it makes me turn green.

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