A day of happiness, pride and yes, a little sadness!


Today was a day that seemed to take forever to get here, but also seemed to come too quickly. In November of 2010 Mike came home and told us that he had made weight standards for the US Army, and that he had signed on for a four year commitment as a Satelite Communications Tech. He also said that he’d be leaving the first week of April and that after he’d finished he school training – he’d definately be deploying to Afganistan or Iraq.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was/am terrified. I still see Mike the same way today as he was the first day I met him – on November 18th 1999, the day before his 9th birthday party. He was a little chap, with white blonde hair, a cheeky grin and an obsession with Pokemon.

And now, he’s 20 years old and finally off into the world to be his own person – whatever that means for him. So, from now on… I’ll have a star posted in my front window – to show my pride in my son as he goes off to start his life and defend his country.


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