Music Moves Me Monday – You’ve Got a Friend in Me



I guess I am a sap – but this is the first song that sprang to mind when I saw that this week was friendship week. It’s an apt song really – As time draws nearer to my 5th and final birth (May 18th!!) and the impending arrival of my Mum in two weeks, my awesome friends are coming by this evening to help me clean up my son’s room… he left it in a horrific mess when he departed for bootcamp and I’ll be first to say that I was getting super upset when every I’d open his door and then just close it again in frustration. SOOOOOO… not only did these awesome woman organise the best baby shower ever (my first one!) they also offered to come help me clean up a mess that was stressing me out. So, as they song says – You’ve got a Friend in Me. Thank you – in advance – to Kirsten and Susie. You rock!


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  1. Another great Disney classic! Personally, I love the Gypsy Kings version from Toy Story 3. I have to love it. It’s in my blood. πŸ˜‰

    Have a great week, mama! Did you drop that baby yet? When’s your due date?

    • I will admit, that I have not seen Toy Story 3… I tend to avoid sequels… though I am starting to think that maybe I should watch this one!! No… Gabby is still sitting high – but I tend to do that until the last week or so. Her official due date is May 26th, but they scheduled the repeat c-section for a week earlier. If I calculate how much time is left til that though… I tend to start freaking out. Lol.

  2. This has be the best song picked today! I agree with Stacy it’s going to be in my head for a few days I’m sure. Thanks for playing along with us today, and I truly hope to see you next week too! Have a good one! Following you.

    • It was in my head so much after thinking of it, that I downloaded it onto my ipod and spent most of the time in the car yesterday singing it. I even dreamed it last night. Lol!

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