Leaps and bounds


I guess it’s in the nature of all mothers, or parents, to assume that their (current) youngest child is too young to do certain things. I frequently make that assumption and then Hannah comes along and blows that, and I walk around in a daze for a couple of minutes until the next incident.

I reacted with shock, when she came out of her room, wearing a t-shirt and a sock (yes, singular)… the only answer was that she put it on herself, as everyone else was at school. I was shocked/impressed that she figured out where the granola bars where in the cupboard and wheeled in Naomi’s computer chair to get to them. I think I was less impressed with finding the silver end of the wrapper in her diaper the next morning, but she had also obviously figured out what was necessary to open the snack. There are a lot more incidences… and they are coming more frequently now. Sean keeps reminding that she is almost 2.5 years old.

I think I make assumptions, because up until this month, her entire vocabulary was made up on Hi!!! Apple!!! Juice!!! and No!!! Now, she’s adding two or three word sentances, and just like her Mummy does every morning, told her Daddy to drive carefully this morning. *sniffles*

So what have I learnt from all this? That my baby is growing up. She’ll be starting school in a year from now (!!!!!!), and she’s a curious… little girl. Not a baby any more. Not even really a toddler any more… she decided that her high chair was not happening any more last week, and now sits with her big sisters to eat her meals and snacks. When did that happen and what was I doing? Wow… I really need to pay attention and stop assuming.

My little boobler is not so little any more… infact, I must go watch this bigger person… she’s “helping” feed the dogs… I can hear the food falling on the floor.


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