Music Moves Me Monday – Blame it on the Rain – Milli Vanilli


Lol… I know Milli Vanilli is an international laughing stock, but my inner 10 year old squealed when I saw that today’s theme for Music Monday was color or weather related. So, I’m going to do dance with my girl’s who are getting their groove thing on to this funky song 🙂 Happy Monday!!!



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  1. Whoa! Look out the left foot is moving. Oh, oh, wait now here comes the right and what’s that behind me shaking? Oh yeah… great song! lol Nice choice I haven’t heard that song in forever. Thanks for playing along today. We hope you come back next Monday too to join us for a Freebie Theme!!! Have a great day!

  2. You have been chosen for our Spotlight Dance for Monday’s Music Moves Me. If you’d like our linky for your Post just stop by me after 10 p.m. (Sunday nite), and you can get it then. It’s Freebie week, so you can post any video you’d like. Have a great day & congrats CONGRATS! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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