Monday Music Moves Me – Three little birds – Bob Marley


I made this my song for the day today because frankly… I am in full on panic mode. The reality of Wednesday has hit me full in the face and I am terrified/excited for a whole bunch of reasons.

1. Having a c-section is major surgery – I remember what it was like to get over it last time and people, they aren’t fun.
2. I am still mad about having to have one in the first place – yes, I understand the reasons, but it doesn’t stop me from being angsty about them.
3. I am scared about the pain I am going to have just trying to sit down… not fun.
4. And I’ll be the mother to daughter number 5. F.I.V.E… that’s a lot of small people to be responsible for.

So when I got up this morning, because honestly I have hardly slept at all, I saw that today’s theme was reggae or Hawaiian, this was the first song that jumped into my head. So I am going to take Bob’s advice to heart….

“Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright!”

And yes, yes it will.

Happy Monday!



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  1. Seeing a common theme among this week’s theme. Everyone loves Marley! Three Little Birds is my music therapy too. Breathe, mama. ‘Cause very little thing is gonna be all right.

  2. Good advice to follow! Now take a deep breath and let it out slowly! You picked a great song and you have every reason to be a little nervous.
    I believe everything will be just fine. You have 4 other little ones that are turning out just fine and you will forget about all the pain once you hold the beautiful little girl in your arms!
    Prayers for you and your little one… can’t wait for photos. =)

  3. Whisper a prayer for your heart and let your spirit relax. What can you control? And what is absolutely out of your control? What can you change…then do.

    Push worry away as it comes and relax your spirit.

    I remember my c-section. I insisted on a vbac for the 2nd. Doc insisted on a c-section. Guess who wasn’t there when I delivered? πŸ™‚


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