Friday Food Fight – Clark’s Quiche and S’mores Brownies


This week I am offering up two creations out of all the things I’ve made or baked this week – and that’s because these were the only ones I actually remembered to take pictures of. I’ve been attempting to use things I already had in the cupboard – well for the sweet things I’ve been cooking. I WOULD have had everything for the brownies, if Kirsten from Gone Bananas hadn’t eaten most of the chocolate bars from the s’mores pack on my kitchen counter during our recent trip to Georgia. *grins evilly* Soooooo, I had to buy those! The brownies are tasty… BUT horribly sweet and are now living in my freezer. I’ll need to run 5 miles just to burn off one brownie!The quiche was yummy – but a little saltier than I was expecting. I will be finishing it up for lunch today and there is a second on in the freezer for next week. Links to the recipes are below the picture. Happy Friday all!

This weeks favourite creations! Clark's Quiche and S'mores Brownies

Clark’s Quiche and S’mores Brownies


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