My Memories Suite – Digital Scrapbooking Software Giveaway!


There was a time in the deep and distant past, when I dreamed that I would become a wonderful (and emensely) talented scrapbook artist (art-teeeest;)) I could spend hours cutting and trimming pictures, playing with glue sticks and fondling papers. I’d be a whiz at the cricut machine and create pages of such epic beauty that I would go down in the scrapbooking halls of fame. Then reality set in. With 6 children, I have little or no time to sit down to create these epically beautiful pages. Or, I’d start them and never have to time to finish them… so to my mind, scrapbooking went the same way as keeping up with the girl’s baby books, or even blogging on a daily basis. I just simply did not have the time. I stuck to small projects that I could complete quickly, and with the knowledge that I would be pleased with the end result – I am, after all, my worst critic! I started crocheting (blankets, ponchos, diaper covers, small brown monkeys and little zebras). I make cards when time allows. I wallow in my delight of taking WAY too many pictures of my beautiful girls. I then store them on my computer and flick through them sometimes, but unfortunately for them, they usually never again see the light of day.

I wanted, needed something that would allow me to use those pictures (without using up all the printer toner) and indulge my creative side. I’ve tried a couple of digital scrapbooking software packages – but to be honest… I was never to pleased with them. They lacked manuverablity and I felt restricted. Now, a couple of days ago, Liz from My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Suite contacted me… honestly, at first, I thought it was a bunch of hooey – a spammer, or someone who wanted something from me and that the program would be just as unwieldy as the others I’d tried. But, I decided it was good to try it out – it wouldn’t hurt me after all, and I felt I really needed to start doing something with almost a decade of photos stored away. I downloaded the program last night… so far, this is what I’ve created… tweeked a bit of course!!

So far I have had about four hours to play around with the software – which admittedly, is not much time. BUT, as I pointed out in the opening paragraph, I am a super busy Mum to 6 children, so sometimes this is as good as it gets. I am, however, really enjoying the program and I want to share that love with you, my friends and readers by holding a competition!! Yay for free stuff yes?!

Starting today (August 13th 2011) and running through to August 27th 2011, I would like to give you the opportunity to win this software for yourself! Yay! So what do you have to do?! Well it’s simple… please read on!

1. Go here and look around the site ( – for the link phobic)
2. Whilst there, pick your favourite digital paper pack or layout.
3. Come back here and tell me in a comment how fabulous I am *cough* which one you chose and why. Don’t forget to leave me some way of getting in contact with you!

That’s it! Over the next couple of weeks I will post more examples of what I’ve been doing with the digital software and keep putting up reminders about the competition… so invite your friends… invited your friends friends. Invite your friends neighbours second cousin Mildred. It’s all fun!

At 12 noon EST (or there abouts) on August 27th 2011, I will enter the entries into a random selector and contact the person who wins. Enter as many times as you like, but make sure that you choose different things each time… Get an extra vote if you follow My Memories Suite on Facebook or Twitter and then tell me about it!

Unfortunately, according to the rules set by the folks at My Memories Suite, only those people living in the US and Canada can play – so get cracking!!!

Oh and the cool news too? If you find, after looking around the site, that you want this digital software like, yesterday… follow this link or any others you find on this page and get it! If you add this code – STMMMS8253 – at check out, you will get $10 off your purchase price of the software AND a $10 coupon towards the store. Awesome, awesome deal! That’s a $20 deal 🙂

So get out there and get your entries in. It’s all fun!!


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  1. Awwww so freakin’ cute! I wish I was half as talented as some of the scrappers I’ve seen out there! I just get so overwhelmed because a page takes so long to make and I have soooooo many pictures! lol Great giveaway!

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