Monday Music Moves Me – Home sick for Australia Week


For Monday’s music moves me and I am celebrating my Australian-ness. I am approximately 10,000 (probably more) miles from my family and country. I was born and raised in Hobart, which is the capital city of Tasmania, Australia… not Tanzania, Africa. Just in case you didn’t know… Errol Flynn was Tasmanian and so is Simon Baker from The Mentalist.

I spend a lot of time consciously NOT thinking about home. It’s my coping mechanisim for homesickness. This week, even though it’s Monday, I have not been so successful and it was all brought up by the fact that I ran out of vegemite this yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, the US can be a great place to live, and sometimes, just sometimes I am worried that of all the members of my family, I am going to have the toughest time readjusting to living back at home when the time comes. But, I miss my family, I miss the laid back, friendly nature of the people there. I am fiercely proud of being Australian and I can’t wait to be able to bring my girls home. Even more so, since my eldest daughter just asked me if the Australian National Anthem was the American one because Australia is part of the US…. wow… parenting fail there I think O.o *sigh* Moving on…

So, before I become more maudlin and get all depressed, I am going to share a couple of my favourite songs about Australia. First… the song that I would personally love to have as our national anthem. We are Australian, sung by The Seekers. Sorry, no lyrics with this one.

Secondly, in a song made famous of one of my favourite movies Young Einstein. Great Southern Land by Icehouse.

And because I can… because I love this song no matter how kitschy(sp) it is! Tie me Kangeroo Down Sport by Rolf Harris and his wobble board!

Please enjoy my brief tour of Australia through song. I close with this final song: I Still Call Australia Home by Peter Allen.



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  1. Oh, I am sorry that you are so homesick, that is hard. Thanks for sharing Australia, the music, and the beautiful videos and I the kitchy guy too!! It is always fun to explore another culture!!

  2. I’ve only heard of one of these songs, but I hope you get to see your homeland soon. Heck, every time I go on vacation I miss my house, but I guess you don’t appreciate it as much if you were there all the time. Going home will be good! I would love to see your homeland it’s beautiful.

  3. God I haven’t heard that Rolf Harris version in ages! That was a bit of nostalgia for me! Awww I wish I could fly your mum back for a bit! Tell you what if I win the lotto your mum and dad are on the next flight! When you eventually go back I think you’ll def take a little piece of my heart with you! :0( xx

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