Time really does go fast…


Really really… She’s gone from being a tiny, 6 pounder, with a tongue tie, to a 3 month old, obsessed with standing and sitting (with help of course). She is around 12lbs now, loves sucking on her hands, especially the right one – so much so we’ve decided that one must be chocolate flavoured. She loves her sisters, lights up when ever she sees them. Her two favourites are Naomi and Leia. Naomi has an uncanny ability to stop her crying and she loves when Leia makes the zerbert noises with her lips and tongues. She started laughing the other day… it caught her so unaware that she scared herself! She is an awesome sleeper and I have to say, this is my 5th child… I’ve never had a once a week pooper before. It’s a pleasure most of the time… except that one day a week… all I have to say about that is EPIC. EH-PICK. Lol.

She’s just plain lovely. I can’t wait to see what the next three months are going to bring. Well I do know one thing… it’ll be the end of the blob stage… I’ll miss that stage… where they stay where you put them, even if they don’t like it! 😉


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