And so it begins…


Today is going to be awesome. Awesomely busy! I have two small people heading off to the doctors, I have kindergarten orientation and dinner club tonight – not to mention cleaning the house and getting organised for the last item, oh and making bread in there somewhere. PLUS I get to get my geek on today. My husband brought me a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it will be here in less than an hour.

Tomorrow is a day full of meal planning, grocery shopping list creation, coupon clipping, one more child taken to the doctors, hair cuts and probably more geekery 😉

Saturday is full of grocery shopping, wardrobe repair (I hope) before I have to sell daughter #4, ravioli making and as always, piles of laundry.

Sunday, I hope, is going to be slow in prep for Monday.

Monday… Monday when hubby returns to school for his final semester of nursing school, when Samantha starts grade 4 (!!!!) and Naomi starts Kindergarten. When did she get old enough for that?! Plus Leia going off to the VPK program for the first time. Added to that two ballet classes.

Bring it on! I live for this time. When I get decent amounts of me time, I can do my work in peace, and my children are happily occupied and excited to be living.

So, I’d better stop sitting here and get on with the chore… after all… I want to be able to get my geek on properly when Sean gets home in an hour. I’d hate for chores to get in the way of me wasting my time in the android market 😉


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