Children are made of awesome!



Sometimes children say things like: “Wow Mummy, I didn’t realise you were so old!” or they play with your flabby arms because, well according to them, it feels funny and is kinda squishy. You really feel the love there ๐Ÿ˜› The days come along like today… It starts off deceptively well. Children get organised, their lunches are packed… Hair is done (for now) and their backpacks are by the door. We then leave in a great rush. Dropping Leia off at school Sean comments that the car is handling funny – never mind that I’d been commenting on that for oh… 2 weeks?

So we leave to take Naomi to school and the car starts acting up more. We stop and read the OBD II codes… Nothing different than usual there. Since we were close to a Goodyear Gemini, we dragged the van over to them, leaving it in their care and taking the three left over monsters to a newly opened breakfast joint – to irritate the old people ๐Ÿ˜‰ Both Naomi and Hannah insisted on choc chip pancakes and neither ate much of them. My food was awesome though, and Gabrielle stayed asleep. We later went back to the mechanic, and I must say I was very depressed by the bill to fix my stoopid van. I was being a bad karma grumpy pants all the way home too. Until…

Sean was trying to distract Hannah from me, by chasing her. He had picked her up and was spinning her around in the kitchen, when she suddenly let out a loud cry of “Mummy!” He said yes, andย  asked her “Where Mummy?” She pointed to the Marilyn Monroe magnet on the fridge and said “Dat’s my Mummy!” I smiled and sniffled, my baby thinks I am as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe… I’ll take that! So you see, children really are made of awesome, and that’s really what I needed to hear today!


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