Sunday Snapshot – Family festive fun


This week for Sunday Snapshot, I am going to share pictures of my family enjoying the pumpkin carving party that I organised… with help from Kirsten and Susie. We ended up having close to 40 people in our front yard, and I think everyone had a great time. There was a lot of awesome food which included macaroni salad, pumpkin rolls, oreo spiders, oreo truffles (OMG yum!), sausage rolls and some really great cupcakes. (My Italian chicken slow cooker dish and bread rolls were hit considering how fast they were snapped up!).

From my point of view, it was mostly controlled insanity – with the exception of my husband disappearing for an hour in search of dry ice o_O. People enjoyed the crafts, didn’t seem to mind I lost half the carving implements for a while and only found the patterns at the last minute. It was a good time – and one that we will repeat next year.

So, with that said, I give you my “little” family enjoying the festivities. Happy Halloween!

Chocolate googly eyes!!

In action... looking for pumpkin carving tools and feeding a baby... multi-tasking rules!

Sean carving pumpkins with Naomi, Samantha and some of Samantha's friends... and why yes, yes Sean is dressed like a peice of pizza 🙂

Everyone loves pizza!!!

"Ewwwwww Mummy! It feels gross!"

Dancing to "Thriller"... Gabby was more interested in nomming her thumb...

Leia has lived in this dance costume for the better part of a week... she LOVES it.

Crafting - paper cup spiders, rainbow scratch bats, cats and pumpkins, foam pumpkins, cats and spiders... awesome!!

And finally…. since I know you were all wondering about Hannah…

She spent the entire party drinking way too much juice, eating chocolate (since it was obviously all for her) and playing in the dirt. Way to go building that immune system my lovely!!


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