A happy halloween was had by all!


Happy Halloween! Our little foray into our neighbourhood was surprisingly uneventful and candy filled. Last year it was a dismal fail – with most of our neighbours either being poops (ie. obviously at home, but not participating) or huge, great big teenagers being jerks and making my little ones cry. This year, a lot more people participated – which was surprising considering the current state of the US economy and the fact that the treats were stupid expensive. We were only harassed for a short time by a group of teenagers, who really were laughable… they were so lazy they were getting their Mother to drive them house to house… Really? I must be a bad parent then… I made my children walk over a mile to get the candy 😉

The Mad Hatter went trick or treating with a slice of pizza, Olivia, a blue princess and a cupcake

Samantha took a great picture of Sean and I with our youngest four... btw... ergo baby carriers rule... and I am talking serious love here

I actually got out this year… it’s been at least three years since I managed that. I really enjoyed my walk around the neighbourhood, loved all the extra chocolate I got to “look after” for Gabrielle and just spending time with my family. So, I would call Halloween 2011 a success, and shall leave you with these images. I am really looking forward to halloween 2012… Gabby will be old enough to hold a bucket (maybe), and our pumpkin carving party. Now to get ready for Thanksgiving!! And then… CHRISTMAS… what a scarey idea!

The Mad Hatter

A sad looking cupcake and a blue princess...


Naomi insisted on being a cupcake, with a cherry on the top!

Trick or treating in the early evening light

Leia's pumpkin... It's a silly face 😉

Samantha's vampire pumpkin

Our front garden pumpkin display


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