Sunday Snap Shot – Little Scientists in Training


The fun is starting again… and I actually mean it. Here in our neck of Florida, in my opinion, the public schools are craptastic. So much so, that I will put myself through the stress and creativity drain in the hopes of getting my girls into one of the two local magnet schools. This year we got Naomi into one with our brilliant (if I must say so) science project – it was a collection of ten foods that grew mold. This year we are working with food again, only this time the project is going with two children. A basic, fun one for Leia – hers is 10 foods that will power a digital clock. Samantha’s is way more indepth… involving renewable energy. She’ll be using the same fruits and vegetables, so definately on a smaller scale, but her project involves measuring voltage and amperage, along with length of time. It’s a full scientific study from hypothesis to conclusion, and the bonus is, that she seems to be really buzzed about it.

So, without further ado, I present my two little scientists in training!

Samantha using the multimeter to test the voltage created by two lemons as they power a digital clock

Leia used two oranges to make this clock run!


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