Monday Music Moves Me and Snapshot Sunday all in one!


Because I win with remembering and completing tasks sometimes!!

First up is Snapshot Sunday, a little weekly thing I run with Kirsten from Gone Bananas. This week, my snapshot is of…. Kirsten! And Kirsten’s hat.

Kirsten from Gone Bananas and her new sock monkey hat!

Just as a few other mentions, this week I’ve also made:

A Very Hungry Caterpillar newborn hat

Toddler hat - themed on Happy Feet 2

I feel very accomplished! I’ve also nearly finished a sock monkey hat for my youngest… it needs ear tassels for her to nom on, eyes, ears and a mouth… so I am hoping a post for that cuteness later this afternoon.

And now! *drumroll!* I was made one of the spotlight dancers over on XmasDolly’s blog! WOOT! *danceflailskipmoonwalk* So if you’ve come visiting from over there, welcome, welcome… yes, I am insane (who wouldn’t be with 6 children… or to have 6 children?), but I am heavily medicated with lots of awesome chocolate and baked goods!

Spotlight Dancers

For my music selections today I have chosen to go with the colours, and I didn’t really have a prom (not an Australian custom). So here we go!

You can’t do a colour post without this one I think! Purple People Eater

This was also frequently played when I was growing up by my parents: Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

and finally…. Somewhere Over the Rainbow… it encompasses ALL colours and I think is one of my all time favourite songs… this version in particular!

Happy Monday all!!



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