Monday’s Music Moves Me – Australian Christmas Favourites!


I love Christmas time. I love it even more as my children get older and want to get in on the fun… what I don’t love is the rampant consumerism or the fact that both Naomi and Leia’s birthdays are that very same week… yes… poor planning on my part there!! This is a spending time of the year for us! Anyways, since we’ve been listening to Christmas music on the radio since Veteran’s Day around here, I found choosing the music for todays meme to be quite easy!

Since the entire next month is about Christmas songs, I am going to share Australian Christmas song today!

First off, one I bet hardly anyone who lives out my wonderful home country has heard….

Six White Boomers!

Next a personal favourite of mine – since as the write up says, there’s no point in singing about snow and mistletoe is Australia… well unless you are in Tasmania, but that’s a completely different story for another day.

The Three Drovers

I love this one… it’s so pretty and delicate!! (If you can call a song delicate!)

Silver Stars

Now… enough of the serious. As a culture, Australian love to tease about thing, we all have a great sense of humour and rarely take things seriously… sooo in that vein… I bring you a collection of very silly Australian Christmas songs! Enjoy!

Christmas in Australia

Australian Jingle Bells

Australian 12 Days of Christmas (Sorry about the crappy video and audio on this one!)

Merry Christmas!!



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  1. You know we forget here in the United States that it isn’t a Winter Wonderland for everyone! Even our Left Coast feels a little left out of the Christmas songs too!

  2. These are just too cute! I always dreamed some day I would visit your country! Is it really as beautiful as the pictures I always see? Well, let me not get side-tracked. Thanks for playing along with us and sharing these really choice picks of yours. YOU SO ROCK GIRLFRIEND!

  3. I knew these songs! Imagine the first Christmas you get to have with the kids here in Australia- I wonder what they will make of summer and Santa coming together?!
    I hear you on having birthdays close to Christmas. Mine is Christmas day and then Soren’s is January 2 and it’s so difficult fitting them in properly.

  4. Aha! I finally worked out the syndicate (I used to have a link direct to the page and lost it) so you now appear on my LJ, so keep posting! 😀

    Sam (a.k.a. Laymon)

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