Sean, husband of 10 years, 20 year Navy Veteran and current nursing student. He is a great father and husband, and thankfully, will cater to my desire for excellent chocolate – Godiva FTW 🙂

Mike: 20 year old step-son. He is just about to head off into the great big world on his own for the first time when he enters Army Bootcamp in April of 2011. We are quietly hopeful that he will do well, and will miss him terribly! He is an anime freak – which we have a hard time understanding, but at least he has the good sense to know good novels when he reads them – The Belgariad and The  Mallorean by David Eddings.

Samantha: 8 years old and in 3rd grade. She loves reading Ramona and Beezus novels, spending too much time on her computer and complaining about doing her chores – she is already having some pre-teen angsty moments that test my patience!

Naomi: Is 5 years old and getting ready for Kindergarten in the fall. We just found out that she has made it into a local magnet school – which will cater to her unique talents in Maths and Science. She still loves her lovie – a very disreputable looking toy sheep called Sheepie. She is curious and loves Dora the Explorer.

Leia: Four years old, and getting ready to start Voluntary Pre-K in the fall. She is our resident worrier and yes, complainer, but she’s a snuggly little lovebug too, with a wild imagination.

Hannah: Has just turned 2 years old. She is infinately curious and playful, greeting the world with a huge smile and a cheery “Hi!” Her current hate is the car seat straps – she will not keep them on, making me feel like duct taping her to her seat or at least sewing her in 😛

Gabrielle Elizabeth

Gabrielle: Currently known as Gabby and before gender was known, Cletus the Fetus. I am at this time (March 11th 2011) 29 weeks pregnant with this active little kicker. She is the final addition to our family, which is both and happy and sad thing… I think I can see the light at the end of the diapering tunnel… It’s far away, but it’s coming!! If you are curious, we chose her name because of this strong, independant woman.


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