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In my awesomeness…


I forgot to post yesterday, sooo here I am at 5am on Tuesday morning, doing my Monday Music moves me. The theme was thankfulness… I found it hard to think of a song with that in the title, so instead I choose to a song about something that I am thankful to have and be a part of… besides the fact that one certain member who will remain nameless *coughGabriellecough* has had me up since 4am.

All we need, all we need, all need . . .
Spread the love around.

Sometimes when I am sitting by myself,
Those quiet moments when not with no one else,
I’m mesmerized by all the many good things in my life.
I think about the time when I was younger,
And the older that I get, the more that I feel wiser.
With the love of friends and family,
Get stronger, and it carries me on through.

So, I say lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely
lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely,
lovely, lovely, love my family.
So, I say lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely,
lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely,
lovely, lovely, love my family.

Sometimes when I am waiting for the bus,
The sun shines bright, and I feel peace like nowhere else.
I know I’m big and healthy, life keeps going, I keep moving, I’m alright.
I go to school and educate my mind, and the way the world is spinning
makes me want to turn around and start all over, hit the reset, and go back in time

Oh, baby, love me.
Oh, spread the love around.

So, I say lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely
lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely,
lovely, lovely, love my family.
So, I say lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely,
lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely,
lovely, lovely, love my family.

What are you thankful for?



Monday’s Music Moves Me – Owls are the cutest!


I’m combining posts today. I was bitten by the crochet bug again yesterday after seeing one of my daughter’s friends winter hat. I immediately jumped on ravelry and found this owl patterned hat – because anyone who knows me well, will know that I am am all but obsessed with them. Hannah bears the brunt of my obsession recently – she now has an owl backpack and all her bedding is owl themed. Gabrielle didn’t escape either… I got her owl pajamas 😉 I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate more owls… I wanted to decorate the girl’s bathroom with owls – they have a gorgeous set available at Target, but my Hubby has started a fish/ocean theme and I just don’t have the heart (or the money) to change it up on him. Soooo… when I saw this hat, I had to make it. And since I finished it today, I decided that owls would be my musical theme this week. I will state that I am not so excellent at crochet… but all that matters is that Leia loves the hat (despite it’s one eye being off, and it being a little large). So don’t hate on my crochet skills 😉

Leia modeling her, albeit bit big, owl ear flap hat!

And now… onto the music!

This one has been a favourite of mine, all my life. The animation in this is very cute too!

I discovered this one this morning when I was scouring youtube for owl song… I love it… will have to watch the movie now!

Happy Monday everyone!! 🙂

A happy halloween was had by all!


Happy Halloween! Our little foray into our neighbourhood was surprisingly uneventful and candy filled. Last year it was a dismal fail – with most of our neighbours either being poops (ie. obviously at home, but not participating) or huge, great big teenagers being jerks and making my little ones cry. This year, a lot more people participated – which was surprising considering the current state of the US economy and the fact that the treats were stupid expensive. We were only harassed for a short time by a group of teenagers, who really were laughable… they were so lazy they were getting their Mother to drive them house to house… Really? I must be a bad parent then… I made my children walk over a mile to get the candy 😉

The Mad Hatter went trick or treating with a slice of pizza, Olivia, a blue princess and a cupcake

Samantha took a great picture of Sean and I with our youngest four... btw... ergo baby carriers rule... and I am talking serious love here

I actually got out this year… it’s been at least three years since I managed that. I really enjoyed my walk around the neighbourhood, loved all the extra chocolate I got to “look after” for Gabrielle and just spending time with my family. So, I would call Halloween 2011 a success, and shall leave you with these images. I am really looking forward to halloween 2012… Gabby will be old enough to hold a bucket (maybe), and our pumpkin carving party. Now to get ready for Thanksgiving!! And then… CHRISTMAS… what a scarey idea!

The Mad Hatter

A sad looking cupcake and a blue princess...


Naomi insisted on being a cupcake, with a cherry on the top!

Trick or treating in the early evening light

Leia's pumpkin... It's a silly face 😉

Samantha's vampire pumpkin

Our front garden pumpkin display

Insanity… It’s the only answer!


Tomorrow is going to be insane. Certifiably. And this time, chocolate may not save me.

Schedule for Wednesday,  September 7th 2011

Get up at about 6am…though probably earlier. If you are wondering… It ended up being 3am.
Sort out uniforms for Samantha and Naomi.
Make lunches for Samantha and Naomi.
Make sure Samantha and Naomi have their homework in their backpacks. Stuff happens around here and the night pixies might move it overnight 😛
Get five small people washed, dressed, hair dressed, shoes on and ready.
Get myself ready.
Get five small people out the front door, to deliver Samantha to school BEFORE 8am.
Go to the park for 30 minutes weather permitting.
Drop Leia off at school.
Hurry up and wait to drop Naomi off at school.
Come home.
Eat breakfast.
Do chores, including making bread.
Pack up Hannah and Gabrielle and go and get Leia from school by midday.
Come home.
Eat lunch.
More chores.
Make dinner. (Chicken and rice bake if you are interested!)
At 2.30p get Leia, Hannah and Gabrielle into the car and go and pick up Samantha – not forgetting that Sam is bringing home a friend this evening.
Hurry up and rush to get to Naomi’s school, then wait for at least 30 minutes.
Get Naomi and come home.
Help Naomi do her homework (draw a picture of her teacher and count the stairs)
Finish and eat dinner.
Get Samantha to clean the dishes.
Pack up everyone and drop them off at their respective Awana meeting. (Samantha, friend, Naomi and Leia)
Come home, finish up the kitchen and pull out meat to defrost of the next day.
Hope that somewhere in here Hubby gets home from the hospital so I don’t have to most likely wake up Gabrielle and maybe Hannah to go pick up the older girls from Awana. (First day of his final semester of nursing clinical training – he’ll be gone by 5.30a today)
Pick up the girls from Awana, minus the friend who is being picked up by her mother.
Come home.
Make sure all the folders and signed agendas are in the appropriate back pack.
Put who ever is still awake to bed.
Collapse on the couch in what I hope will be a monumental chocolate fix.

And this is going to be the norm for Wednesday for the forseeable future…. Don’t even get me started on Mondays. Oh, and jammed in there is sitting down about 8 to 10 times a day to breastfeed my little chubber. Wow…. I need chocolate just THINKING about tomorrow.

It’s a day every parent waits for…


And I am not talking about that all hallowed day when I won’t have to change anyone’s diapers.

Finally, at 5.54am this morning, I was awoken with some very sloppy kisses, a huge hug and these words: “I lub boo!” *melts* It’s my most anticipated moment. I can wait for the first steps, rolling and tasting first foods, but I impatiently wait to here those words from the moment the little person in question starts talking. Hearing “I Lub you” so early in the morning, makes up for the fact that it is so early in the morning, and I spent half the night either putting the child in question back into bed, or night feeding her baby sister. It even makes up for the fact that she took off her diaper off not 5 minutes ago and peed on the carpet. o_O

So in response to your early morning affection Hannah, I love you too… With everything that I am, and I always will.

And so it begins…


Today is going to be awesome. Awesomely busy! I have two small people heading off to the doctors, I have kindergarten orientation and dinner club tonight – not to mention cleaning the house and getting organised for the last item, oh and making bread in there somewhere. PLUS I get to get my geek on today. My husband brought me a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it will be here in less than an hour.

Tomorrow is a day full of meal planning, grocery shopping list creation, coupon clipping, one more child taken to the doctors, hair cuts and probably more geekery 😉

Saturday is full of grocery shopping, wardrobe repair (I hope) before I have to sell daughter #4, ravioli making and as always, piles of laundry.

Sunday, I hope, is going to be slow in prep for Monday.

Monday… Monday when hubby returns to school for his final semester of nursing school, when Samantha starts grade 4 (!!!!) and Naomi starts Kindergarten. When did she get old enough for that?! Plus Leia going off to the VPK program for the first time. Added to that two ballet classes.

Bring it on! I live for this time. When I get decent amounts of me time, I can do my work in peace, and my children are happily occupied and excited to be living.

So, I’d better stop sitting here and get on with the chore… after all… I want to be able to get my geek on properly when Sean gets home in an hour. I’d hate for chores to get in the way of me wasting my time in the android market 😉