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Sunday Snapshot


This week for Snap shot Sunday I am sharing some fun pictures that I got lucky enough to catch this week on the camera. It’s really moments like this that make parenting so much fun.  So enjoy!!

Hannah would spend all her life hanging upside down… she LOVES it!

Monkey hat!!


Skills are rife in this family 😉

Poking her tongue out at me




Insanity… It’s the only answer!


Tomorrow is going to be insane. Certifiably. And this time, chocolate may not save me.

Schedule for Wednesday,  September 7th 2011

Get up at about 6am…though probably earlier. If you are wondering… It ended up being 3am.
Sort out uniforms for Samantha and Naomi.
Make lunches for Samantha and Naomi.
Make sure Samantha and Naomi have their homework in their backpacks. Stuff happens around here and the night pixies might move it overnight 😛
Get five small people washed, dressed, hair dressed, shoes on and ready.
Get myself ready.
Get five small people out the front door, to deliver Samantha to school BEFORE 8am.
Go to the park for 30 minutes weather permitting.
Drop Leia off at school.
Hurry up and wait to drop Naomi off at school.
Come home.
Eat breakfast.
Do chores, including making bread.
Pack up Hannah and Gabrielle and go and get Leia from school by midday.
Come home.
Eat lunch.
More chores.
Make dinner. (Chicken and rice bake if you are interested!)
At 2.30p get Leia, Hannah and Gabrielle into the car and go and pick up Samantha – not forgetting that Sam is bringing home a friend this evening.
Hurry up and rush to get to Naomi’s school, then wait for at least 30 minutes.
Get Naomi and come home.
Help Naomi do her homework (draw a picture of her teacher and count the stairs)
Finish and eat dinner.
Get Samantha to clean the dishes.
Pack up everyone and drop them off at their respective Awana meeting. (Samantha, friend, Naomi and Leia)
Come home, finish up the kitchen and pull out meat to defrost of the next day.
Hope that somewhere in here Hubby gets home from the hospital so I don’t have to most likely wake up Gabrielle and maybe Hannah to go pick up the older girls from Awana. (First day of his final semester of nursing clinical training – he’ll be gone by 5.30a today)
Pick up the girls from Awana, minus the friend who is being picked up by her mother.
Come home.
Make sure all the folders and signed agendas are in the appropriate back pack.
Put who ever is still awake to bed.
Collapse on the couch in what I hope will be a monumental chocolate fix.

And this is going to be the norm for Wednesday for the forseeable future…. Don’t even get me started on Mondays. Oh, and jammed in there is sitting down about 8 to 10 times a day to breastfeed my little chubber. Wow…. I need chocolate just THINKING about tomorrow.

Am I angry because I am irritable or is it because I can’t do what I want?


Sometimes I have to stop and take a look at myself.


  • I’ve lost 112lbs in the last year – using the tool of a gastric bypass and running, combined with healthy eating.
  • I’ve given birth to 5 healthy, and mostly happy little girls.
  • I’m a decent mother – for the most part.

Why only decent? This is the part that makes me pause. I spend a lot of my time being irritated or irritable. I am snappy, grumpy and sometimes, and I hate to admit this, down right rude to my girls. I can’t plead PMS… unless that’s an all day, every day, all year long thing.

So I have to wonder… am I acting like this towards my children because I am just plain irritable or am I acting this way because I can’t do what I want to do, when I want to do it.

I think it’s the latter. Please… don’t get me wrong. I adore my children with every breath that I take. I want to be with them, spend time with them, and generally love all over them. Sometimes I find myself resenting the time I spend with them, or doing things for them and it turns me into a horrible bitch… I think. I get sick of the endless amounts of laundry I have to do. (This was made worse in the last month with my dryer breaking no less than three times and Geeksquad taking FOREVER to fix it).  I feel chained the the kitchen, chained to the house and worst off all, chained to these small people who do or want nothing more than to climb all over me, play, scream, yell, whine and be the small human beings that they are.

I want to have time where it’s just me. I can do what I want to do, when I want to, without feeling like I am letting someone down. I want to play Sims 3, without the little voice in my head telling me what I should be doing instead of playing the game. I want to be able to sleep in on the weekends. To NOT watch Nick Jr with the same shows they’ve been playing (to my knowledge) for the last 9 years. Have some time where I don’t have to change diapers, be sole care provider for five small people and just worry about me.

It feels like that is impossible. Well sometimes. Maybe this is just a case of the Oh. My. God!!!! Go back to school alreadys. Maybe I just need a break… an hour to myself… all to myself. For instance, whilst I write this, I am being climbed over by Hannah – who is insisting on holding my hand (hers is so warm and soft – lovely!), whilst she pulls on my ears to make my tongue go from one side of my mouth to the other. All the while watching Gabrielle sleep in the swing (her hand is tucked up under her cheek, and she’s dream suckling – so sweet!) and keeping an eye on the oldest three who are swimming, fully dressed in the swimming pool. What?! Dressed. *sigh* Like I don’t have enough laundry to do. I asked Samantha why they were dressed, and she said it is because it feels cool and funny. Alrighty then… what can I say to that? In the background is the sound of the dishwasher doing it’s first wash of the day and the music the washing machine plays when it’s finished it cycle. I have sausage rolls and bread to make this morning too.

This week, last week, and the week to come, makes me feel anxious. I feel like I am lost in the roll of parent/mother and it makes me sound selfish. Next week I’ll be wondering around the house (for three hours) and wonder what to do with myself. Three small people in school – two of them full time, one until Midday. Monday will be the worst of all because Naomi starts kindergarten. Starting next week, the next 10 months will be an endless round of taxi’ing little people to and from school, ballet classes and piano lessons.

So I’d say I am a decent parent. I can wipe noses, watch my babies sleep, miss them when they are gone or get older, hold their hair whilst they are sick, wipe fevered brows, hug, kiss and love on them. But I have a strong need to just be myself sometimes. Maybe I’ll stop feeling this way when I start back to school in Feb 2012. Then I’ll be doing something for myself.

So, in short, I am a decent parent, and maybe it’s not that I am irritated that I am angry because I can’t do what I want when I want. It’s because, like all people on this great planet of ours, I need a break, just to be me sometimes. I chose to have all these wonderful little people… I just don’t want to be defined by them. So, it’s time to take a deep breath, and cherish the few moments I do get. After all… they really only this little for such a short time.

My Memories Suite – Digital Scrapbooking Software Giveaway!


There was a time in the deep and distant past, when I dreamed that I would become a wonderful (and emensely) talented scrapbook artist (art-teeeest;)) I could spend hours cutting and trimming pictures, playing with glue sticks and fondling papers. I’d be a whiz at the cricut machine and create pages of such epic beauty that I would go down in the scrapbooking halls of fame. Then reality set in. With 6 children, I have little or no time to sit down to create these epically beautiful pages. Or, I’d start them and never have to time to finish them… so to my mind, scrapbooking went the same way as keeping up with the girl’s baby books, or even blogging on a daily basis. I just simply did not have the time. I stuck to small projects that I could complete quickly, and with the knowledge that I would be pleased with the end result – I am, after all, my worst critic! I started crocheting (blankets, ponchos, diaper covers, small brown monkeys and little zebras). I make cards when time allows. I wallow in my delight of taking WAY too many pictures of my beautiful girls. I then store them on my computer and flick through them sometimes, but unfortunately for them, they usually never again see the light of day.

I wanted, needed something that would allow me to use those pictures (without using up all the printer toner) and indulge my creative side. I’ve tried a couple of digital scrapbooking software packages – but to be honest… I was never to pleased with them. They lacked manuverablity and I felt restricted. Now, a couple of days ago, Liz from My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Suite contacted me… honestly, at first, I thought it was a bunch of hooey – a spammer, or someone who wanted something from me and that the program would be just as unwieldy as the others I’d tried. But, I decided it was good to try it out – it wouldn’t hurt me after all, and I felt I really needed to start doing something with almost a decade of photos stored away. I downloaded the program last night… so far, this is what I’ve created… tweeked a bit of course!!

So far I have had about four hours to play around with the software – which admittedly, is not much time. BUT, as I pointed out in the opening paragraph, I am a super busy Mum to 6 children, so sometimes this is as good as it gets. I am, however, really enjoying the program and I want to share that love with you, my friends and readers by holding a competition!! Yay for free stuff yes?!

Starting today (August 13th 2011) and running through to August 27th 2011, I would like to give you the opportunity to win this software for yourself! Yay! So what do you have to do?! Well it’s simple… please read on!

1. Go here and look around the site ( – for the link phobic)
2. Whilst there, pick your favourite digital paper pack or layout.
3. Come back here and tell me in a comment how fabulous I am *cough* which one you chose and why. Don’t forget to leave me some way of getting in contact with you!

That’s it! Over the next couple of weeks I will post more examples of what I’ve been doing with the digital software and keep putting up reminders about the competition… so invite your friends… invited your friends friends. Invite your friends neighbours second cousin Mildred. It’s all fun!

At 12 noon EST (or there abouts) on August 27th 2011, I will enter the entries into a random selector and contact the person who wins. Enter as many times as you like, but make sure that you choose different things each time… Get an extra vote if you follow My Memories Suite on Facebook or Twitter and then tell me about it!

Unfortunately, according to the rules set by the folks at My Memories Suite, only those people living in the US and Canada can play – so get cracking!!!

Oh and the cool news too? If you find, after looking around the site, that you want this digital software like, yesterday… follow this link or any others you find on this page and get it! If you add this code – STMMMS8253 – at check out, you will get $10 off your purchase price of the software AND a $10 coupon towards the store. Awesome, awesome deal! That’s a $20 deal 🙂

So get out there and get your entries in. It’s all fun!!

I think the stem cells got lost…


My husband, in all his nursing education, informed me last week, that during pregnancy, the mother also benefits (according to a scientific study that I will find and cite) from additional stem cells – that improve her memory – so in essense, apparently pregnancy brain is a misnomer.

Well… I beg to differ.

I am one of the most forgetful person I know. No kidding. I have to use three different calenders. I will be in the middle of doing something… like cooking dinner… realise I need something from the pantry.  So I go wandering out the pantry and then stand there and wonder why the hell I was out there in the first place. This then forces me to go back to where I started and then meander around randomly looking at things, desperately hoping that something will remind me.

I’ll be in the middle of a conversation and I’ll forget the point I was trying to make.

I’ll be in the car and I’ll forget where I am going – despite the fact that the child who was supposed to be dropped off at school is sitting next to me. I frequently hear a little voice from the back seat saying “Mummy! You forgot to take Leia to school!” “Yeah! Mummy, you forgot my school!” *facepalm*

Why do I find it impossible to remember that I really need dish soap?

Where are these stem cells that I am supposed to get? Maybe they are just as forgetful as I am, and got lost, despite a clearly marked path to my brain.

Oh well… at least I remembered it was my turn to make dinner tonight or the kids would be eating boxed macaroni and cheese again. Not that they’d complain.

Hopefully I remember to look for that work to cite… It’d be interesting at least. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the article relating to this, BUT a friend did point out this article – which says that they proved the pregnancy brain does in fact exist. Yay! 😉

Here’s the link: Pregnancy adversely affects ability to recall previously seen spatial locations

It’s hard not to pass on phobia


I had to take Naomi to the dentist this morning. Contrary to me, she was thrilled. She loves going to the dentist. She’s been thrilled since I told her last Thursday that she was going… she even drew them a picture – a picture of her, with a very big smile and big teeth, with big hearts all around it.

Meanwhile, I remain unconvinced that they aren’t going to hurt her, just like dentists did to me my entire life. I still get the body shakes at even the idea of having to go – and I ignore my need to go to the point of stupidity and now to large expense when I can go after Gabby gets here.

I get upset that I can’t remain with her, just in case. I spend the entire time in the waiting area, listening hard to make sure I don’t hear any cries of pain and ready to get up and run to her defense if I do – which is hard when I am the size of a small whale right now. I don’t move fast anywhere.

She asks me why I don’t go, since the dentist is so awesome. I find it hard to fudge the details and try to get by with the I’m super busy excuse. I don’t need to tell her, that the dentist is one person who will almost certainly send me off into as close to a panic attack as I’ve ever been, and I am completely convinced that no matter what the dentist says, he or she is still a masochistic jerk who is going to cause me as much pain as humanly (or inhumanly) possible.

So I am a good Mummy. I tell her that the dentist is awesome – and that she’s done an awesome job, and everything will be just… well awesome.

Oh and in total parenting win, I then take her to Rita’s Ice Cream for a reward for being just so…. awesome? (*smirk*).

I have three more children scheduled for dentist visits in the next two weeks. Fun times. Really. No really. Okay… there is some sarcasm right there.

I’ve lost my mind and I’m not sure I want to find it


The more pregnant I get, the worse I sleep. The less I sleep, the more grumpy, hormonal and down right bitchy I get. So… When I finally get into a comfortable position and I can sleep, I don’t react well to being woken up.  Especially if it’s before 6am. I don’t want to be awake before 6am even when I am not pregnant. What I especially hate is being woken up by one child requesting junk food – No Samantha, you may not eat Spicy Nacho Doritos for breakfast. And the middle two, screaming over who gets to use the Spongebob bathroom first… and the starts the fighting over what kind of cereal they want… and then the complaints because now there is little or no milk… never mind it’s because Naomi had three huge glasses of milk yesterday – which she snuck by the way, and hid in her room to drink. It’s actually amusing that she thought she wouldn’t be found… no giggling, hiding in the corner of the closet and then running out to get paper towel to fix a spill is not going to get you noticed. Ha!

So cut back to this morning… I am woken up before the sun by junk food wanting, fighting, whining small people… Hubby stays in bed, I get up, and do the evil mother thing and send them back to bed.  I clean up the mess that has been made in the Spongebob bathroom, and get a bit of wake up time. Eventually I am awake enough to deal with a little more noise and babbling. Hannah is up and is now talking more and babbling less. She requests apple pieces… over and over and over. I give her some to stop the start of the whining… she puts them in the dog water bowl. Really? I mean really?

The biggies are now out of the bedroom and watching TV and munching on their breakfast. Only now the world has come to an end, because since I sent them to their room, their cereal has soaked up the milk. I am fortunate that they don’t mind soggy cereal, but they all want more milk – I had just enough for Sean’s coffee left. Meltdown. *sigh* Leia, is very distraught also, because she didn’t get a bowl with a straw in it. *sigh* Sean goes to hug her and flomp… over goes the cereal and milk… all over the coffee table and carpet. My little trouble doll. So Sean made her scrambled eggs with cheese.

Hannah decides she wants cheese – Sean gives it to her… she folds it up into little pieces and then… yep… puts it in the dog water bowl. *sigh*

Now, I am making lunch for Samantha to take to school. Nutella sandwich for the win, the aforementioned bag of Doritos, raisins and apples. I even cut her sandwich into the shape of a gingerbread man, because I am just that cool. Then I utter those fateful words.  “Samantha please go and get the hair brush and spray.”  Simple. To the point. Easy to understand. Yes? Well I thought so. Samantha spends five second wandering aimlessly and then announces she can’t find one. Keep in mind I am now fending off Leia and Naomi who find it impossible to go and get their own clothes out of their drawers and Hannah who is telling me she wants more iced tea – Thanks Daddy on that one. Oh and during this time… Sean leaves to go do his morning thing in the bathroom. Nuff said there – his routine takes 30 minutes. I look for two seconds and see the spray and hairbrush on the top of the fish tank.

At this point, I seriously think my brain went  “See ya!” It’s not even 7.30am and my brain has deserted me, my sanity is gone and I am now strangely calm.  I calmly deal with Sam and her hair… what that child does to cause such natted dreadlocks,  I dunno. I calmly make Sean’s coffee. I calmly ignore Hannah’s whining over my evilness not to give her more iced tea, get the other girls organised and even manage to get myself decently dressed. Then I even calmly take Sam announcing that she’s actually having a party at school because they won a competition. Okay… I spent time on making lunch for no reason today… I’m actually fine with that. Hannah, I am sure, will love putting the sandwich into the dog water bowl later 😉

So… I’ve lost my mind today, and I’m not so sure bad that’s a bad thing 😛