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Monday’s Music Moves Me – Australian Christmas Favourites!


I love Christmas time. I love it even more as my children get older and want to get in on the fun… what I don’t love is the rampant consumerism or the fact that both Naomi and Leia’s birthdays are that very same week… yes… poor planning on my part there!! This is a spending time of the year for us! Anyways, since we’ve been listening to Christmas music on the radio since Veteran’s Day around here, I found choosing the music for todays meme to be quite easy!

Since the entire next month is about Christmas songs, I am going to share Australian Christmas song today!

First off, one I bet hardly anyone who lives out my wonderful home country has heard….

Six White Boomers!

Next a personal favourite of mine – since as the write up says, there’s no point in singing about snow and mistletoe is Australia… well unless you are in Tasmania, but that’s a completely different story for another day.

The Three Drovers

I love this one… it’s so pretty and delicate!! (If you can call a song delicate!)

Silver Stars

Now… enough of the serious. As a culture, Australian love to tease about thing, we all have a great sense of humour and rarely take things seriously… sooo in that vein… I bring you a collection of very silly Australian Christmas songs! Enjoy!

Christmas in Australia

Australian Jingle Bells

Australian 12 Days of Christmas (Sorry about the crappy video and audio on this one!)

Merry Christmas!!



Sunday Snap Shot – Little Scientists in Training


The fun is starting again… and I actually mean it. Here in our neck of Florida, in my opinion, the public schools are craptastic. So much so, that I will put myself through the stress and creativity drain in the hopes of getting my girls into one of the two local magnet schools. This year we got Naomi into one with our brilliant (if I must say so) science project – it was a collection of ten foods that grew mold. This year we are working with food again, only this time the project is going with two children. A basic, fun one for Leia – hers is 10 foods that will power a digital clock. Samantha’s is way more indepth… involving renewable energy. She’ll be using the same fruits and vegetables, so definately on a smaller scale, but her project involves measuring voltage and amperage, along with length of time. It’s a full scientific study from hypothesis to conclusion, and the bonus is, that she seems to be really buzzed about it.

So, without further ado, I present my two little scientists in training!

Samantha using the multimeter to test the voltage created by two lemons as they power a digital clock

Leia used two oranges to make this clock run!

The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things….


And maybe make a blog post or two?

Who knew that having five children and a full time nursing student husband would make blogging near on impossible? Ah, now is not the time to whine, no… now is the time to try and NOT eat all the chocolate I’ve been nomming on this last stressful month. And chocolate chip cookies… and snickerdoodles… and… well all the other sugar treats I’ve baked and eaten.

Life = stress, so it’s better to get on with it and make a plan to deal with it.

This being said, I’ve decided to get back into blogging by joining with Kirsten over from Gone Banana’s to create Snapshot Sunday. And today, this is my offering:

Sisterly love and smiles

Children are made of awesome!



Sometimes children say things like: “Wow Mummy, I didn’t realise you were so old!” or they play with your flabby arms because, well according to them, it feels funny and is kinda squishy. You really feel the love there πŸ˜› The days come along like today… It starts off deceptively well. Children get organised, their lunches are packed… Hair is done (for now) and their backpacks are by the door. We then leave in a great rush. Dropping Leia off at school Sean comments that the car is handling funny – never mind that I’d been commenting on that for oh… 2 weeks?

So we leave to take Naomi to school and the car starts acting up more. We stop and read the OBD II codes… Nothing different than usual there. Since we were close to a Goodyear Gemini, we dragged the van over to them, leaving it in their care and taking the three left over monsters to a newly opened breakfast joint – to irritate the old people πŸ˜‰ Both Naomi and Hannah insisted on choc chip pancakes and neither ate much of them. My food was awesome though, and Gabrielle stayed asleep. We later went back to the mechanic, and I must say I was very depressed by the bill to fix my stoopid van. I was being a bad karma grumpy pants all the way home too. Until…

Sean was trying to distract Hannah from me, by chasing her. He had picked her up and was spinning her around in the kitchen, when she suddenly let out a loud cry of “Mummy!” He said yes, andΒ  asked her “Where Mummy?” She pointed to the Marilyn Monroe magnet on the fridge and said “Dat’s my Mummy!” I smiled and sniffled, my baby thinks I am as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe… I’ll take that! So you see, children really are made of awesome, and that’s really what I needed to hear today!

Music Moves Me Monday – You’ve Got a Friend in Me



I guess I am a sap – but this is the first song that sprang to mind when I saw that this week was friendship week. It’s an apt song really – As time draws nearer to my 5th and final birth (May 18th!!) and the impending arrival of my Mum in two weeks, my awesome friends are coming by this evening to help me clean up my son’s room… he left it in a horrific mess when he departed for bootcamp and I’ll be first to say that I was getting super upset when every I’d open his door and then just close it again in frustration. SOOOOOO… not only did these awesome woman organise the best baby shower ever (my first one!) they also offered to come help me clean up a mess that was stressing me out. So, as they song says – You’ve got a Friend in Me. Thank you – in advance – to Kirsten and Susie. You rock!