Sunday Snap Shot – Little Scientists in Training


The fun is starting again… and I actually mean it. Here in our neck of Florida, in my opinion, the public schools are craptastic. So much so, that I will put myself through the stress and creativity drain in the hopes of getting my girls into one of the two local magnet schools. This year we got Naomi into one with our brilliant (if I must say so) science project – it was a collection of ten foods that grew mold. This year we are working with food again, only this time the project is going with two children. A basic, fun one for Leia – hers is 10 foods that will power a digital clock. Samantha’s is way more indepth… involving renewable energy. She’ll be using the same fruits and vegetables, so definately on a smaller scale, but her project involves measuring voltage and amperage, along with length of time. It’s a full scientific study from hypothesis to conclusion, and the bonus is, that she seems to be really buzzed about it.

So, without further ado, I present my two little scientists in training!

Samantha using the multimeter to test the voltage created by two lemons as they power a digital clock

Leia used two oranges to make this clock run!


A happy halloween was had by all!


Happy Halloween! Our little foray into our neighbourhood was surprisingly uneventful and candy filled. Last year it was a dismal fail – with most of our neighbours either being poops (ie. obviously at home, but not participating) or huge, great big teenagers being jerks and making my little ones cry. This year, a lot more people participated – which was surprising considering the current state of the US economy and the fact that the treats were stupid expensive. We were only harassed for a short time by a group of teenagers, who really were laughable… they were so lazy they were getting their Mother to drive them house to house… Really? I must be a bad parent then… I made my children walk over a mile to get the candy 😉

The Mad Hatter went trick or treating with a slice of pizza, Olivia, a blue princess and a cupcake

Samantha took a great picture of Sean and I with our youngest four... btw... ergo baby carriers rule... and I am talking serious love here

I actually got out this year… it’s been at least three years since I managed that. I really enjoyed my walk around the neighbourhood, loved all the extra chocolate I got to “look after” for Gabrielle and just spending time with my family. So, I would call Halloween 2011 a success, and shall leave you with these images. I am really looking forward to halloween 2012… Gabby will be old enough to hold a bucket (maybe), and our pumpkin carving party. Now to get ready for Thanksgiving!! And then… CHRISTMAS… what a scarey idea!

The Mad Hatter

A sad looking cupcake and a blue princess...


Naomi insisted on being a cupcake, with a cherry on the top!

Trick or treating in the early evening light

Leia's pumpkin... It's a silly face 😉

Samantha's vampire pumpkin

Our front garden pumpkin display

Monday Music Moves Me – Boris the Spider


I’ve done a lot of looking into halloween music the past couple of weeks – and I’d have to say choosing one song has been hard… sooooo I didn’t! Instead, today I am sharing three. One I heard only recently, one is a favourite song anyways, and the last, you’d can’t NOT listen to it and dance til your feet fall off… at least I can’t!

First up: Boris the Spider by The Who

Next up: Enter Sandman by Metallica

And finally… Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show

Sunday Snapshot – Family festive fun


This week for Sunday Snapshot, I am going to share pictures of my family enjoying the pumpkin carving party that I organised… with help from Kirsten and Susie. We ended up having close to 40 people in our front yard, and I think everyone had a great time. There was a lot of awesome food which included macaroni salad, pumpkin rolls, oreo spiders, oreo truffles (OMG yum!), sausage rolls and some really great cupcakes. (My Italian chicken slow cooker dish and bread rolls were hit considering how fast they were snapped up!).

From my point of view, it was mostly controlled insanity – with the exception of my husband disappearing for an hour in search of dry ice o_O. People enjoyed the crafts, didn’t seem to mind I lost half the carving implements for a while and only found the patterns at the last minute. It was a good time – and one that we will repeat next year.

So, with that said, I give you my “little” family enjoying the festivities. Happy Halloween!

Chocolate googly eyes!!

In action... looking for pumpkin carving tools and feeding a baby... multi-tasking rules!

Sean carving pumpkins with Naomi, Samantha and some of Samantha's friends... and why yes, yes Sean is dressed like a peice of pizza 🙂

Everyone loves pizza!!!

"Ewwwwww Mummy! It feels gross!"

Dancing to "Thriller"... Gabby was more interested in nomming her thumb...

Leia has lived in this dance costume for the better part of a week... she LOVES it.

Crafting - paper cup spiders, rainbow scratch bats, cats and pumpkins, foam pumpkins, cats and spiders... awesome!!

And finally…. since I know you were all wondering about Hannah…

She spent the entire party drinking way too much juice, eating chocolate (since it was obviously all for her) and playing in the dirt. Way to go building that immune system my lovely!!

Food Fight Friday – Oreo Spiders!!


I was in two minds over what to post this week for FFF… after all I baked bread, cookies, a really banging chicken pot pie and truely awesome roast chicken with scalloped potatoes. However, when Kirsten and I started making these, I couldn’t help but fall in love with their cuteness.

They were so easy too – microwave your oreos for 10 to 15 seconds, remove the top and lay in your pre-cut (by you) twizzlers, put the top back on and use decorating gel for their eyes. Voila! Spider! I do have to comment that you have to use the pull apart twizzlers, or it won’t work. Anyways, these were a lot of fun and the kids sure did love them at our pumpkin carving party yesterday.

Happy Halloween everyone!!


Monday’s Music Moves Me – It’s Lion King kinda day….


As the weeks led up to Halloween, my husband and I have been scouring our brains for fun and interesting songs to download for our halloween pumpkin carving party this weekend. Since downloading The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens, I’ve been playing it almost constantly… so much so, that my 2.5 year old is now awesome at the long drawn out “Weeeeeeeeee we a win a wima way’s”. Anyways, I digress. Here are my offerings this week, as I slowly get back into the blogging groove.

First up, is Timon and Pumbaa singing the song – my children have been driving me nuts this weekend with repeated demands for The Lion King… so now you all get to enjoy it to 😉

And, since I think it’s a rule that there have to be the song with lyrics somewhere, here is the full version of the song, with the lyrics.

And finally, since you can’t do a post about The Lion King music with out including “Hula!”, I present Timon and Pumbaa 🙂

Happy Monday!!!

The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things….


And maybe make a blog post or two?

Who knew that having five children and a full time nursing student husband would make blogging near on impossible? Ah, now is not the time to whine, no… now is the time to try and NOT eat all the chocolate I’ve been nomming on this last stressful month. And chocolate chip cookies… and snickerdoodles… and… well all the other sugar treats I’ve baked and eaten.

Life = stress, so it’s better to get on with it and make a plan to deal with it.

This being said, I’ve decided to get back into blogging by joining with Kirsten over from Gone Banana’s to create Snapshot Sunday. And today, this is my offering:

Sisterly love and smiles